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GRIND•12 Zine Archive

GRIND•12 Issue 2.4 - The Hallowistmas Issue

GRIND•12 Issue 2.4 cover

Issue 2.4 Contents

  • DIY Zine production - Aside from idiocy and stupidity... a lot of passion goes into GRIND•12
  • rocket power - A skate cartoon that actually has some stoke-value to it.
  • artistic endeavors - Artwork by Stitchface.
  • inhabitants in MA - The East coast Habitat team came to Wellfleet, MA s part of the Inhabitants video tour.
  • health watch - General Mills' monster cereals - keep ‘em stocked and keep healthy.
  • take a break - Pornstar Cristal Mathews shows us the benefits of free skateboard DVDs among other things.
  • separation of church & skate - Skateboarding is not a platform on which to erect your pulpit. If you want to kickflip for Christ... just don't tell me about it.
  • get a card - Even though libraries are dank and often smell bad, go get a library card and check out some of the old (forgotten) books about skateboarding's past.
  • 2600 the hacker quarterly - Some of the similarities between hackers and skaters. We're all just lawless slackers, right?
  • sex sells - Kiddie-oriented Transwrld Skate Mag is an unlikely place to find babe-festooned sk8 pix. Sex sells anywere, I guess.
  • centerfold & CD reviews - Pornstar Piper Fawn adorns our largest centerfold ever (11"x17") that highlights our 2 years of publishing. And some CD reviews as always.
  • centerfold 2 - Pornstar Erin Nicole found herself filling the extra space on the back-side of our main centerfold. A small bonus of sorts.
  • micelaneous crap - Check out the surfboard inspired Hamboards and Tierney's 2 wheeled skateboard/snowboard thingy.
  • lookit - Some dvds that are worth adding to your collection... unless you're in favor of internet video in which case please go fuck yourself. Thanks!
  • socks - SkaterSocks make those old-school tube socks everyone wore in the 70's. Find out why you should wear socks.
  • juliette lewis - Our inescapable infatuation with actress turned punk rocker Juliette and her band, Juliette and the Licks.
  • get inked - Tattoos can become adictive. Before you scoot off to get inked, put some thought into the design and placement.
  • GRIND•12 CD - Same ofd shit as last time. Maybe we can get our shit together for a new batch of trax with the next issue.
  • scarfing material - Bring out your inner-chef and make some food that won't make you puke violently.
  • local cool - More about the Hhabitat team doing a demo on Cape Cod.
  • build a retro board - Don't let the 70's and 80's slip away without comemorating the era with a retro board. Go skinny for the 70's and wid for the 80's. Plenty of resources abound thanks to reissued oards and wheels.

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