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GRIND•12 Zine Archive

GRIND•12 Issue 2.2 - The Jurassic Issue

GRIND•12 Issue 2.2 cover

Issue 2.2 Contents

  • a motley crew - Diversify your quiver - ditch the popsicle-stick and try a new type of board.
  • cruise Don't just go to the park... do it in style with a slick chopper bike.
  • blank deck wars - Does the skate industry need to be saved? -or- Can it be saved from itself?.
  • sk8 comics - The hell with Archie, check out some of the cool sk8 comix out there like Skeightfast DyePhun.
  • donut patrol - Dealing with cops. Don't piss off underpaid city employees with firearms. They've got issues too and might just shoot you.
  • neurotic attraction - We vow to never end our infatuation with Juliette Lewis.
  • guitar-t - The art and joy of cranking it to "11".
  • Game of Skate - A look at sk8 video games - it ain't all Tony Hawk.
  • GRIND•12 CD - This time out we dole out a disc chock-full of old-school rap to combat the the idea that today's hip-hop is the same as yesterday's rap. It ain't!
  • Museum'in It - Explore the world of art. You might find something that doesn't suck.
  • centerfold mindy vega - Sprawled out porn star and some CD reviews
  • ramp & obstacles - Stop bitching about lame sk8 spots and build your own. Just build something creative not the same old shit we see dumped in suburban driveways.
  • event planning - Start your won event. If it doesn't suck, you'll be the envy of your town.
  • scarfing material - gotta eat - here are a couple things that suck less than fast-food.
  • hey ladies - Lets talk about your bushings... and bearings.
  • watch it - DVD reviews.
  • take a break - Kick back with porn star Kayden Kross and take some personal time away from the routine.
  • brain bucket - How tough is your head? If uncertain, go smash it against a wall.
  • spread the 'crete - A look at the new "Public Skatepark Development Guide". You and your town should NOT be without this book.

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