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GRIND•12 Zine Archive

GRIND•12 Issue 2.1 - The Full-Color Issue

GRIND•12 Issue 2.1 cover

Issue 2.1 Contents

  • go skateboarding day - June 21 is the official day to blow off work, school and responsibility and go skate!.
  • our compulsive fixation... on punk-rocker/actress Juliette Lewis.
  • blank deck wars - Does the skate industry need to be saved? -or- Can it be saved from itself?.
  • tank girl - Who? Drop in and find out about this awesome comic book... from the early 90's.
  • GRIND•12 CD - This time out we dole out a disc chock-full of old-school rap to combat the the idea that today's hip-hop is the same as yesterday's rap. It ain't!
  • sk8Gnome on mySpace - Proving that MySpace is for idiots.
  • grow a board - Stop bitching about the high cost of decks and go grow a Maple tree.
  • pirate radio - Conquer your local FM airwaves and remind us that pirate radio is still alive... and not just a stream of crap over the web.
  • centerfold Marisa Miller - Stunning supermodel amidst the usual cartoon crap, but this time she's in full-color!
  • alternative sk8 mags - Stop buying Transworld at the grocery store and see the breadth of sk8 mags that are out there with different areas of coverage.
  • fabricate - No place to skate? Get inspired to build a ramp.
  • art or skart - Whether you like museums or not, skateboarding is increasingly nestled in art. Go explore a gallery - expand your artistic knowledge and horizon.
  • hey ladies - Fashion quiz - Do you think the CCS Girls Catalog is really for skaters? Take our quiz and see if you can tell their crap from Macy's and TJ Maxx.
  • future generations - Raising kids is awesome! Go make some of your own.
  • skate reality TV - The good and the un-watchable. There is NO reality on television.
  • sk8kleen soap for skateboarders - Our interview with Alicia, owner of Sk8kleen soap.
  • DVD reviews - Don't waste time bootlegging the bad ones.
  • scarfing material - A couple of real recipes for those tired of eating crap.

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