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GRIND•12 Zine Archive

GRIND•12 Issue 1.4 - The Fuck-Winter Issue

GRIND•12 Issue 1.4 cover

Issue 1.4 Contents

  • Snow-skates - The right, wrong and ridiculous way to skateboard when you should be snowboarding.
  • cunning stunts - Say it real fast a few times then try to figure out what motivates skateboard daredevils (a la Evel Knievel).
  • chatham skatepark - Rebirth of a dilapidated Massachusetts skatepark.
  • global warming - Al Gore is up in arms about the condition of our natural environment... we all should be.
  • &7,000 - Two ways to blow through $7K.
  • Just Say "Yes" - Look at all the crap you can buy if you don't have a clue.
  • amy sue cooper - Lays out her best assets in our centerfold.
  • CD reviews - A strange batch of disc you'll probably never buy and a couple we can't live without.
  • GRIND•12 CD - Same disc as last issue. We wish we were less lazy.
  • still obsessed with juliette lewis2 - What's not to like (or obsess over)? She acts, rocks and pouts like a fox.
  • Hey Ladies - CCS Mail-order goes girly with a new fashion catalog for girls. They don't need fashion, they need functional gear for skating!
  • how to build a tipi - Don't ask - just go make one. Be the coolest camper in your road-trip crew.
  • DVD reviews - Titles you'll want to add to your collection for rainy days..
  • glomming grip tape - No matter how many times we run this info... someone still doesn't get it.
  • skate safe - Former porn star, Crissy Moran takes a break from her born-again life with jesus to show us why pads are important.

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