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GRIND•12 Zine Archive

GRIND•12 Issue 1.3 - The Pirate Issue

GRIND•12 Issue 1.3 cover

Issue 1.3 Contents

  • say what? - Take off your damn headphones and talk to people! You might meet someone really cool.
  • create - Spark a little internal creativity and make your clothes suck less in the process.
  • pirate lore - Pirates fought to the death to guard their turf... sounds like skaters -vs- cops.
  • product reviews - FKD's bearing press and Bordzup's Gravity Suspension Rack.
  • chuck taylors - Starting as a basketball shoe, skaters have taken them as their own and even adapted their stupid game of “horse”.
  • crossword puzzle - Fun, games and partial nudity.
  • manufacturers links - Big fucking list of skateboard manufacturers and their web sites.
  • GRIND•12 CD - A crap-load of skate rock... if you got the disc.
  • Lisa Marie Scott - This issue's centerfold.
  • RIF2 - Reading is fucking fun and here's a bunch of skate books we recommend.
  • get a job - I don't care how many stairs you leapt or that you ollied over your neighbor's house. You won't go pro... but there are plenty of opportunities to integrate your sk8-cravings into a cool job.
  • big business - Crappy box-stores are cutting into our sk8 industry and trying to make a profit off the hard work of those who made this industry what it is - indy shops and diverse skaters. Take back skateboarding!
  • retro DVD box sets - Relive the past, garner some sk8 history and get stoked to go ride. These archives speak volumes.
  • stench - You stink, go wash your damn pads. It's easier than you might think.
  • farewell SG mag - Another sk8 mag bites the dust. This one was one of the few that covered girls on boards. We need more girls on boards!
  • obsessed - We love Juliette Lewis and her band The Licks.
  • on my pod - Since record companies won't lower their prices, lets download some more free music.

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