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GRIND•12 Zine Archive

GRIND•12 Issue 1.2 - The Haloween Issue

GRIND•12 Issue 1.3 cover

Issue 1.2 Contents

  • click to buy - Online shopping seems really convenient until the box shows up and it isn't exactly what you ordered. Support your local sk8 shop!
  • shoe sponsors - The risk DVS took in giving actress-turned-punk rocker Juliette Lewis a signature shoe.
  • grip tape stencils - The bottom of your deck has art, so why leave the grip tape looking so drab. Get artistic on that shit!
  • yo ladies - If you're a girl lacking a proper forum for your sk8 talents, start up your own org.
  • Local Scene - Skate park/house combo: Many rental properties in the OBX come with a membership to the local YMCA. They have a concrete skate park. Go for it!
  • riser pads - Khiro has reinvented to riser pad. It ain't just a spacer anymore.
  • mini decks - Jump on the 1974 bandwagon and get hold of one of these slim street surfers. It's more fun than you'd think.
  • centerfold & CD reviews - Model Ali Landry lends her image (we just took it) for our centerfold along with some CD reviews.
  • skate legends - There are a lot of them, but check out the contributions of Mike V and Hosoi.
  • game on - The irritating complexity of modern game consoles compared to the simple fun of an Atari 2600.
  • home improvement - Getting a bank loan to build an in-ground concrete pool is easier than you'd think. No one says you have to fill it - sk8 hard!
  • nags head sk8 - Advertisement for the best damn skate shop on the Outer Banks!
  • DVD reviews - Avoid DVDs that suck. We'll help.
  • dear santa - How to piss off the good intentions of that fat gift-giving hump.
  • x-Games - Good for skating? It's not good for TV ratings.

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