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Welcome to GRIND•12

The notion of a skate zine is almost antique these days - and gets progressively more so as time marches on. In the world of digital production, it seems archaic to put information on paper especially when e-books and Kindles seem all the rage. All we can say is, "Fuck that noise!"

When was the last time you were at a sk8 shop or sk8 park and someone gave you something for free? I'd venture to guess, not too often. I get a kick out of the distrustful faces who glance at what I've handed them and then look at me as though I'm insane. Slowly they conclude I'm not a threat and that I have indeed gien themsomething for nothing. Often smiles ensue.

I'm not offering eternal life, but a free sk8 zine isn't too bad considering I'm not asking for anything in return. The real fun, however, is when you hand it to a kid whose father comes running over to bitch that I gave his kid inappropriate material. I do my best not to give it out to little kids - I have a few morals and standards.

Sorry dude, but you're the one who sends your kid to public school. I didn't teach him to swear, smoke and masturbate - your educational tax dollars did that!

The Latest Issue

Issue 3.1 - The Interview Issue is being pushed into the faces of anyone we find at local skateparks and shops.

GRIND•12 Issue 3.1 cover

Get a copy of GRIND•12

Production phot

GRIND•12 is a printed skateboard zine that is published quarterly (or thereabouts) whenever we have the chance. It is hand-distributed at skateparks, skate shops and anywhere I see someone skating who might get a kick out of a free zine with a touch of skateboarding and some R-rated porn (which is a mis-nomer, but you get the point). More info can be found in the About area.

For a meager charge, it can be mailed to you via USPS. Details are on the contact page.

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